Typhoon Haiyan was the strongest tropical storm ever recorded. The Philippines is the third most vulnerable country to natural disasters and the future is uncertain for this unlucky country. It is thought that with climate change, both the rate and intensity of natural disasters like Haiyan will increase in the future.

With a global temperature increase, the stability of the atmosphere is altered created all kinds of atmospheric disturbances like storms and typhoons. So then why is this an issue? If it occurred in the middle of the ocean and never harmed anyone, would it still be deemed a natural disaster? The answer is no, there is no disaster. However, the likelihood of it not harming a single person is highly limited.

The increased intensity of these events will only continue to increase their impact. This is exacerbated by other economic, social and environmental factors. For example, the world’s population is growing. This means that the density of people in any given area will increase and therefore, the pressure to live in such disaster-prone areas is higher, resulting in a greater number of deaths. In addition, if sea levels rise countries like Bangladesh will be experiencing major losses in available land by the end of the century. This will make the problems of population density worse and the impact of the natural disasters will be even higher.

Is there anything we can do about this? Let’s face it, climate change is going to happen, we can’t exactly stop it in it’s tracks. So we must accept that these natural disasters will occur more frequently and have a greater impact. The major point of interest should be in the ability of the affected countries to mitigate these effects. If a country can enforce management, even on the smallest scales, it can drastically reduce the amount of people killed in such a circumstance. even something small like the Japanese earthquake warning SMS system, can save the lives of millions.


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