A group of 25 celebrities have gathered together to sing a song in protest of fracking in the US. The song written by Sean Lennon, features several high profile celebrities all backing the protest, including Susan Sarandon, Yoko Ono and Joseph Gordon-Levitt from Inception.

The song has been made after the call to remove the ban on hydraulic fracturing or fracking in New York State, US. The process involves injecting fluid into shale rock to release hydrocarbons for fuel, which may have been inaccessible before. This allows us to gain fossil fuels at very rapid rate although the impacts are unknown. It has been suggested that fracking could lead to earthquakes and releases toxic chemicals.

The Guardian reports that a New York poll indicates that the odds are good and 43% of voters oppose the lift of the ban. However, 18% said that they did not know enough to vote. Perhaps this video will go some way into educating the public.


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